• Telecom Industry


    In today's telecommunication industry where market penetration is challenging and ARPU is declining, companies are more focused on retaining their existing customers and growing their cores through offering new services to decrease churn. The aim is to provide excellent service but cost effectively. That is why telecommunication companies engaged with Raya to capitalize on their best BPO practice and leverage their overall customer satisfaction.

    Throughout its 11 year experience in working with leading telecommunications companies in the EMEA region, Raya has brought significant operational, business and financial value add to its client, across all customer service channels it supports, including voice, chat, e-mail, web and social media, providing a unified customer experience that also improves operational efficiencies.


  • Technology Industry


    In order to stay competitive in a highly complex and changing customer demographic in the market of technology and electronics, companies must keep up with frequent changes, innovation processes and create cutting edge ideas that translate into returns.

    With tough competition and constantly changing specs in the technology industry, our clients rely on Raya’s know how and experience to generate greater customer value and provide consistent customer experience.


  • Banking Industry


    During the past decade, customers have become more aware of the benefits and services that banking products and services can provide them with. In the midst of trying to provide their customers with different products and services that will fulfill their requirements, competition has clearly risen between financial institutions.

    In light of all these aspects, banks have realized the importance and benefits behind having a centralized customer communication platform to service their large number of clients consistently and efficiently.


  • Automotive Industry


    In today’s automotive markets, businesses face mounting pressure to stay competitive, increase revenue and improve customer service through the support of the automotive call centers operating across all hours and providing service centers support, while meeting performance and financial objectives and maintaining cost efficiencies.

    Raya has invested in the talent, processes and technology to help you better meet the needs of your customers and provide your customers with premium customer experience while handling more interactions timely and correctly from the first customer contact.


  • Retail industry


    The global market for commodities is getting more competitive by the day, and the companies that survive and excel in retail and fast moving consumer goods segments are the ones focused on quality customer satisfaction. Delivering a higher standard of quality customer service that your clients can depend on solidifies your position in this competitive market place.

    Raya offers services across all areas of your business, from, Customer Care support, Supply Chain support, Order Taking and Delivery management including up-selling, cross-selling and social media monitoring. Minimizing costs helps your business meet increasingly challenging business goals while also creating brand loyalty. .


  • White Goods Industry

    White goods

    In today's industrialized manufacturing sector, it's crucial that both customers and end users have a strong affinity to your products and brands. Yet many companies are challenged to deliver quality customer care because of the volume of information housed in the disparate systems required to support certain products. Whether through live agent or Web self-service, Raya can deliver a customer care solution that will optimize the customer experience by providing effective, efficient interaction.

    Raya has an impressive track record of experience and technology to handle a variety of calls, including product inquiries, dealer locater services, lead management and acquisition services, product/service support, warranty management and loyalty and retention services.


  • Fast Food Industry

    Fast Food

    The global market for retail and Fast Food has become increasingly competitive, and the companies that grow and excel in the retail and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG’s) industry are the ones that are in tune with their customers’ needs.


  • Health Care Industry

    Health Care

    Healthcare is a very dynamic and varied industry, and end consumers and patients have become more involved in the processes and decisions.

    Healthcare institutes, require a great number of non-professional personnel to help them update their clients and help them and act on behalf of them in connecting them to their preferred labs and clinics. This has created the need for call centers to provide an intricate set of to best serve your patients using the most trained and skilled employees, alongside medical professionals.